I did research on blogs that discussed living in foster care.  There are SO many out there that I wondered if I should even keep doing this.  God has an interesting way of speaking to me.  I came across a book in the local library (when I was not looking for it) titled “Helping in Child Protective Services” and I thought, “Lord is this a sign?”  Then I was watching a sermon on TV this morning and the pastor has started a organization in California that is for youth aging out of foster care.  Again I thought “Lord is this a sign?” Only this time I knew my answer immediately.  I may not know why I am writing this blog.  If it will be useful but I know God wants me to write it so I write.

For those interested in the program I heard about on television this morning it is called, “Freedom House”.  They have a website with some very touching stories just like mine, and just like yours.

Please the message for today is to KEEP GOING! All of us have a purpose in life and many are not yet living the life God intended for us.  We are one step closer to our destiny.  Whatever God has placed on your heart to do.  Do it. Do not wait for tomorrow.  For tomorrow is not promised.

God Bless,

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